Branding services that produce results.

Knowledge is nice, and there’s a lot to learn from good branding blogs. But sometimes you need more than just information. You need  hands-on help from an experienced marketing expert.

I can help guide your marketing efforts and build your business into a memorable brand. Maybe not a global icon, mind you, but a brand that stands out in a specific niche market such as  golf, tourism, real estate or natural foods.  The fact is, my knowledge and expertise can be applied to all sorts of small and medium-sized businesses. And I’m a very quick study.

My branding, marketing and advertising services are organized into a disciplined, step-by-step process that produces game-changing insight and tangible results. You can choose straight consulting services, a specific project, or the full deal. Elements of that process include: market research, brand strategy, marketing planning, message development,  advertising, naming and brand identity design,  online promotions, digital advertising, content marketing and web development.

So browse around my Bend, Oregon ad agency website at  Call for a free brand assessment.  541-815-0075  or email me at

If you’re in Bend, give me a call. I’m always happy to talk marketing with business owners.

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